Autotrader & Kelly Blue Book has been the most trustworthy online marketplace of car resell over 20 years.
Building on top of its customers’ trust, they launched a new platform for private sellers and buyers.  

This platform is to help customers get a secure sale when they sell their cars online with Autrader & Kelly Blue Book and provide supports to ease out the complicated steps and paperworks while the customers obtains freedom to control the price and sale. 

As the new platform name ‘Private Seller Exchange’ is unfamilar to the customers,
I’ve focused on reconciling security and trust by emphasising an obvious visual connection to Autotrader to assure that Private Seller Exchange is under the Autotrader umbrella so it is trustworthy!

Also, as the main target users of this platform is under 30s, this campaign lives in
OLV, social media and digital space.